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Rebrand & Strategy

Cryptosomniac was founded in 2017 during the Major Bull Run of the Bitcoin markets. To establish a brand, young Entrepreneurs hired designers from one of the freelancer sites. It was enough to do business, anything to do with Bitcoin was marketing itself. 

At the outset, a trading group was one aspect of the business model, which over time evolved to be a major component of their revenue structure.

As the group grew and the crypto market stagnated, new traders realized their new skills were applicable across a range of financial markets, and the Lead Analyst already had 10+ years experience in traditional financial markets. 


The original name no longer encompassed what the brand had become, and so with eyes on a larger market, the team decided to undergo a rebrand. It was critical that they not alienate their existing customer base while seeking new clientele. 

Result is a more modern look, cleaner more professional logo and identity system, and a universal presentation across all platforms.   


In addition to new look, the business now has several defined customer personas, a clear identification of incumbent and ideal clientele, clearly defined messaging to appeal to their target market, and new vectors to attract clientele. 


Software Used:

Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Keynote

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Original Logo-- Rebranded to Alpha Trades.

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