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Daily Live Stream Video

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Cryptosomniac LLC

Creative Direction, Motion Graphics, Video Production, Graphic Design

As the Creative Director for Cryptosomniac I was in charge of taking the existing logo and creating brand standards surrounding it to be used in the creation of content for video production. This included everything from the look and feel of business cards, to T-shirt designs, to daily thumbnails, to motion graphic content to be included in daily live streams, recorded and edited video interviews, producing live panel shows, and being in front of the camera. Consulted with the team for how the should be developed, and then managed a team of 6 developers as it was executed. Wrote daily articles, including copywriting, layout, optimization for readability, and SEO in Word Press site. 


Additionally, I used SEO and effective use of well-researched keywords to rank videos and grow social media following, ran AdWords & Facebook Campaigns and used Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel to track campaign results. I also ran a team of 5 content creators & 5 social media managers, securing interviews & panel guests, media appearances, coordinating promotional campaigns to boost viewership.


A broad selection of my skills are on display here:


Software Used:

Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Premier, XSplit, OBS, Active Campaign, Google Slides, MS Powerpoint

Top 5 Presentation

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Nurse Token Athletes vs. Cancer Party Sizzle Video

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T-Shirt Designs

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Business Card Front Design

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Business Card Back

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Live Stream Thumbnails

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Google Slides Presentation Decks

The following are examples of presentations decks I put together starting with a Google Slides template, and modifying them to the needs of each project. I created and/or compiled all of the assets and components inside the decks from each company's website, the employees LinkedIn profiles, data from reading the white papers, and my own personal opinions. Each one is linked to a PDF of the entire presentation for your review. Please see Disclaimer below.

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