Sound Design, Color Grading, Title Cards, End Credits

I got the opportunity to work with some talented creatives on post-production for these short films. The first is an entry for the Collective CPro Group's Script To Screen Challenge. The Saturn's Return collective put together a great cast in this silly short about a dystopian future.


I was brought on to help with some video editing, improve the sound design, do the color grading, and create the final credits. So much fun!

From Whalesposion: 


An indoor, apartment luau gone horribly wrong leaves four friends trapped. Their only hope to evade the creature lurking outside and get out alive...is Agent E.

Whalesplosions official entry to the Script to Screen Challenge from COLLECTIVE #scripttoscreen

(A contest in which we had to get real creative with some pre-written dialogue. This is what resulted.)

New New Girl

Behold. Whalesplosions proof of concept for a NEW New Girl (one that we do not have any rights to) that would fit nicely on The CW (a network we are not at all affiliated with). Why did we make this? Riddle me this, dear viewer... Do you ever sit at home, screaming at your TV because you don't know if you want to binge NEW GIRL or RIVERDALE? Do you smash remotes and scream eyes wide open into the sun because you cant decide if you want beautiful people melodramatically solving murder mysteries or if you want jokes about bird shirts? Well, maybe we could live in a world where you don't have to decide. Just in time to celebrate the 8 year anniversary of NEW GIRLS premiere, Whalesplosion brings to you a dark, dramatic reboot of the modern classic... one you didn't even know you needed. Directed/Written by Diogo Hausen Produced by Jewel Karinen, Bradford Wilson, Diogo Hausen Cinematography by David Sachs Jess - Geena Lovato Nick - John Woodley Schmitt - Diogo Hausen Cece - Tara Laya Adams Winston - Bradford Wilson Coach - Colbert Alembert Aly Nelson - Danielle Giordano Daisy - Elizabeth Yun Jake Peralta - Christopher Hazel The "Real" Cece - Alessandra Scotto with Lumpy Cat as Ferguson​

My Roles:

Agent E- Sound Design, Color Correction, Video Editing, End Credits

New New Girl- Title Cards, Color Correction, Motion Graphics, Audio Editing, Sound Design

Software Used:
Adobe Premier, Adobe After Effects, Logic Pro X