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Urban Freestyle Tokyo Throwdown
Style Frames

Motion Design Boards & Titles

Project Overview


Fox is launching a new show called Urban Freestyle: Tokyo Throwdown. The show is a Dance-Competition that takes place in Tokyo, Japan. Teams of break dancers compete each week on the streets of Tokyo in head-to-head dance battles. We are looking for a Show Open design, as well as a Title Design for the show.

These are must-haves:

This PDF is part of a course called Design Bootcamp, owned and operated by School of Motion, Inc. The brief described is a

fictional client brief created for the sole purpose of creating a more realistic experience for our students. The project details are not based on a real project, and any similarities thereof are coincidental.


Deliverables / Requirements

• Title Designs

• Design Boards (probably 4-6) that show us what the Show Open will look like.

• These boards must show us how you’ll treat green-screened footage of the dancers, how you’ll ID the names of the Dance Teams, what the Title will look like, and how you will incorporate the Fox logo into the


• The full name of the show is Urban Freestyle: Tokyo Throwdown


Additional Information

• The demographic for the show is Males & Females 18-50

• This is a primetime show

• We want this to feel “sexy” and to be inspired by the show’s unique location

• Use this information as placeholder for showing us how you’ll treat the Dance Team names.;

Roboto Crew (Axel, Lilian, Toshi)



6 Boards

Minimum: 4

My Roles: Graphic Design, Motion Design. Motion Graphics

Software Used:Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator

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