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Love Bites

Logo Design, Graphic Design

This is work I've done for a San Francisco based snack company.


Love Bites targets people who are into healthy eating, wellness, intentional living, self-care, yoga, fitness, being outdoors, on-the-go, and the New Age lifestyle.


They produce a snack product that is raw, gluten-free, organic, and locally sourced where possible. Their mission statement is to spread love through nutrition, without compromising flavor.


Love Bites partners with Sound Healers, Yoga Studios, and Community Centers to bring their product to the market, and promote events they are vending at via social media.


I was contracted by the owner of Love Bites to redesign the label for their snack line. They requested the label include the logo, but to soften the feel of the brand to reflect it's natural health-conscious focus. They wanted a welcoming warm feel, while maintaining a clean aesthetic, and expressed a desire to stick with the color scheme. 


I designed the new label, front and rear, as well as helped them choose new packaging for the resale product. I also created mocks ups that could be used for advertising or social media promotions.


Software Used:

Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator

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