Monarch Blockchain Corp.

UI/UX Design | Motion Design | Video Editing

During my contract I I consulted with the CTO and a team of creatives to help redesign the UI for the Monarch wallet.


Conducted research in a Telegram group for versions 1.0- 1.2.7(current version) in a group of approximately 26k users. People who downloaded the app were able to interact with administrators directly for feedback and bugs, and also submit descriptive support tickets.

User complaints included;

*The first version of the wallet appeared "clunky"

*The previous interface felt "outdated."
Users gave examples of the Bread (not shown) and Ethos (not shown) wallets as guidelines for comparison.


The clean, vibrant, more compact version shown here (top photo) is my version for the upgraded UX/UI, which is ultimately the direction the Developers chose for Version 2.0.

A key feature I suggested to be included in the wallet differentiates between partner projects by showing highlighted logos for all Monarch affiliates and using brand colors for the background. Furthermore, I recommended the use of gradients to add dimension to the wallet, giving it a more modern user experience.

Following that, I designed the entire UI/UX concept, wireframes, and final production design in Adobe XD for the MonarchPay merchant plugin checkout experience, shown below. Worked with the CTO& CEO to prototype layout, functionality, and features.  

The wallet is available now can be downloaded from for desktop applications, or on the iOS app store or Google play store for Android. MonarchPAY is currently live at The checkout experience is expected to roll out Q2 2019.


My Roles: Motion Design, Graphic Design, User Interface, User Experience, Social Media Content Creation

Software Used:

Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Premier, Adobe XD

Wallet Screen Mockup.jpg
Monarch Pay Mockup.jpg
01 Login Screen.jpeg
02 Currency Select.jpeg