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EXP  100 Frame 1B.jpg

Style Frame 1A

EXP  100 Frame 1B.jpg

Style Frame 1B

Nasa Channel
Expedition 100:
Mission to Mars

Motion Design Style Frames & Mood Boards

Project Overview


 In the same vein as Expedition 44, we’re working on a show for a future mission to Mars. The show is called... wait for it... Expedition 100: Mission to Mars. We’re looking for some Style Frames and (eventually) Design Boards. We want a treatment on the footage as well as design for all GFX. 


These are must-haves:

2-3 Style frame options with corresponding Mood Boards / Image reference. 

We must see how you’d treat the footage to help it sit with the GFX, and we’d love to see an example of a full-screen title. 



Additional Information

The full name of the show is Expedition 100: Mission to Mars 

The tune-in information is: Premieres Sunday at 9pm 

The demographic for the show is 25-65 skewed male 

We want this to feel dangerous,

awe-inspiring, cinematic. 

We don’t have a logo for this show yet, so use the Expedition 44 one and modify it.



2 Styles 

2 Frames Each 

My Roles: Art Direction, Graphic Design, Motion Design, Animation.

Software Used:
Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator

StyleFrames_Template MARS 2.jpg

Mood Board 1

EXP  100 Frame 1.jpg

Style Frame 2A

EXP  100 Frame 2.jpg

Style Frame 2B

StyleFrames_Template MARS 1.jpg

Mood Board 2

EXP  100 Frame 3A.jpg

Style Frame 3A

EXP  100 Frame 3B.jpg

Style Frame 3B

StyleFrames_Template MARS 3.jpg

Mood Board 3