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My Passion Project, I've been a music producer and DJ for over 20 years. Through this artistic endeavor, I've acquired a diverse skill set that is applicable in a range of commercial fields. In-depth knowledge of synthesis and recording techniques, the ability to build soundscapes and create audio environments, and precise audio engineering skills make me an asset to any film, advertising, animation, or motion graphics projects. 


I can create music from scratch in a variety of styles, as well as record vocals for a variety of uses, from advertising to musical production. I'm capable of producing motion graphics, video editing, logo design, audio engineering, sound design, music production and scoring, social media marketing, SEO, as well as a ton of traditional business skills from having worked in corporate sales and marketing. 


Ultimately, my creativity is on broad display throughout all my endeavors, and none more significantly than my music and the visual art I've created to support it. I continue to acquire new skills and improve the ones I have as a result.


Software Used:

Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Premier, OBS

Social Media Graphics

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Artist Logo Header for SoundCloud

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Animated Snake Bones Logo | 808 Proof EP Promo Video

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Snake Bones | 808 Proof EP T-Shirt | Purchase Online- click image!

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Snake Bones Brand Standards Manual

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Snake Bones Stage Visuals | Click to Play

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Space Chase Video | Click to Play

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Snake Bones Twitch Channel Graphics | Click to Play

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Kill Bill Siren Serum Tutorial Video | Click to Play

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