Motion Design | Video Editing | Graphic Design 

Project Overview


Space Taco and Breach are growing club nights in Pomona CA, featuring primarily Tech House and Techno music. People come here to hear new music, dance, and socialize with their friends. Space Taco showcases new and recognized musical talent as well as local artists. We want this promo to incorporate these themes, feel hip and sexy, and attract new attendees, as well as excite regulars.  

These are must-haves:

Use the provided logos to showcase the headliners: Seek One & Dylan Coss. Integrate the provided graphics, and set the tone of the music visually. Showcase the supporting DJs, 


Deliverables / Requirements

Space Taco Video
• Min 30 second HD video in 1920x1080 and 1080x1080 format for Facebook and Instagram. 

• This must incorporate the provided graphics and logos.

• Show how much fun people have at the night, crowd photos provided.

• The location of the club night. 

• Incorporate the provided music.

Breach Logo & Flyers

• Text based logo- want it to feel clean, modern, edgy. 

• Flyers need to convey a premium brand. We want high quality flyers to content with the preeminent club nights across the US.

• Need to prominently display open 10pm- 4am, VIP phone number, and ages 18+


Additional Information

• The demographic for the show is Males & Females 18-35

• This is a night featuring techno, tech house, and house music.

• We want this to feel “sexy” "hip" and "techy" to attract people who like this kind of music.

• Club location: 300 S Thomas St Pomona CA, Date: July 2nd

Software Used:Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe After Effects

Space Taco 9-17.jpg
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Breach Fridays 9_6_19 Blue Logo IG.jpg
Breach Fridays 9_6_19 w Lineup.jpg
Breach Fridays Thee-O 9_13_19.jpg
Breach Fridays 9_13_19.jpg
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