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Defense of the Ancients

Promo Interstitial is providing live coverage of a huge video game tournament called The Supernova Cup. This tournament features the world’s best DotA 2 players, and is basically Coachella for fans of the game. We will be running promos for their coverage as pre-roll ads on our streams, and we want a bit of design for the graphics on the promo.

We’re looking for you to create a set of Design Boards that show a cool way of transitioning from footage of the tournament to a Title Card that contains tune-in information for the tournament, provided by the client.

Deliverables / Requirements

These are must haves: 

•    Design Boards (probably 3-4) that show us how you will transition from footage (stills provided by us) into a full-screen Title Card with tune-in information.

•    The title card must include our Logo

•    Design should be on-brand.

•    The full name of the tournament is: The Supernova Cup: A DotA 2 Major

•    Tournament Dates are July 23-25

•    URL for tournament coverage is

•    Our demographic is hard-core gamers.

We expect 3-4 frames that show a transition from Frame 01 (a still from tournament footage provided by the client) into the Title Card containing all of the tune-in info.




1920 x 1080

This project was done as part of a design bootcamp.

My Roles: Motion Graphics | Graphic Design

Software Used: Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator