Motion Design | Video


Promotional video content I created for club night Space Taco House Tuesdays in Pomona, CA. This night was filled with techy vibes, so I went full on Blade Runner with the graphics.

Motion Design Style Frames & Mood Boards

Motion Design boards & titles I did as part of a design bootcamp. This was spec for Nasa TV on a docuseries covering a mission to Mars. They wanted it to feel dangerous, awe-inspiring, and cinematic, so I gave them a few variations to choose from.

Motion Design Style Frames

Motion Design boards & titles I did as part of a design bootcamp. Breakdance competition set on the streets of Tokyo, so I wanted to capture the neon lights, busy crowded streets, anime feel, and technological influence while maintaining a hip, sexy vibe.

Title Screen Interstitials

Motion Design frames for a DotA  Tournament, The Supernova Cup- Spec work I did for a design bootcamp.

Graphic Design, Layout

Work I've done for Los Angeles-based record label Spoon Fed. This includes album art, merch, social media content, and social channel headers. 

Motion Graphics, Video Editing, Audio Engineering

My Passion Project, I've been a music producer and DJ for over 20 years. Through this artistic endeavor I've acquired a diverse skillset that is applicable in a range of commercial fields. 

Colorist, Sound Designer, Title Cards, End Credits, Animations

I got the opportunity to work with some talented creatives in post-production on a couple of short films for the Whalesplosion Group. Comedy, horror, drama, and more in these entertaining tidbits!

Layout, Graphic Design

This is work is did for the Disney Music Group & Hollywood Records to promote their artists for radio stations, etc.

San Francisco based new snack company needed help with social media and logo/branding. They're tasty treats, so I took a bite, and they loved it!

Graphic Design, Logo Design

Motion Graphics, Graphic Design

I wore a lot of hats here, and had opportunity to work on a variety of creative roles. Read on for the nitty gritty details...

UI & UX Design / Motion Graphics

Cryptocurrency wallet project I consulted and contributed to UI Design. I did so well with that they hired me for motion design for social media marketing. This is live on the iOS & Google Play app stores now...

Layout, Marketing Copy

Series of email campaigns I designed for Cryptosomniac LLC using their pre-designed graphics. This was used to sell their subscription service and merchandise. Resulted in 15% increase in Sales for November & Dec 2018.

Motion Graphics, Graphic Design

Data visualization is a skill applicable across myriad industries. The ability to take a spreadsheet and make it into something beautiful, digestible, and communicative is vital to a business looking to reach new audiences. 


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